Privacy policy


1、Basic policy

  1. The law is observed.
  2. Ensure personal information management.
  3. Careful handling
    • Does not provide information to others.
    • Ensure information security management.
    • Corresponds to a disclosure request from our customers


2、Purpose of use

The use purpose of the personal information as follows.

  • Meeting with a customer
  • Delivery of materials
  • Offer of the maintenance
  • Correspondence to consultation
  • Discharge of contract

3、The appropriate acquisition of the personal information

Information is acquired right.

4、Provision of personal information

Our company removes the following case, and does not disclose or provide a third party with a visitor's personal information.

1.If you have the consent of the customer

2.When required by law

3.Person's life, body, or necessary for the protection of the property if it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer the

4.If the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use, to entrust the handling of personal information

5.When enterprise succession is performed by a merger, partition of corporation, a business transfer, and other reasons

5、The inquiry about personal information

Please inform this of the inquiry of the personal information.


1. access information

Access log information is sometimes acquired by our site. Please accept it.

It is not a thing aiming at specifying personal information.

2. About a cookie

To this site, in order to have you use more comfortably, I am using cookie at a part of site.

About Cookie information, refusing by setup of a browser is possible.

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