Mold removal construction

The service from which mold is                       removed is being performed.

The person in trouble about mold captures professional desk" mold. Please see net".

A special method is taken in and mold is removed from base.

Details are from this.bana


Procedure of mold eradication removal building and the reliability of the special detergent (safety)

Removal construction process of Mold ・ Safety of special cleaning agents

enter building after a dirty check (Rumi tester) is performed and the degree of the dirt is confirmed by the numerical value at first. Work is advanced while adjusting the spray number of times of the special detergent by the amount of the mold dirt. mildew and remove the stains beautifully when the fixation time course is done after liquid spray, mold is taken apart, and without rubbing and working.

What is Rumi tester?
Step1 施工前

It's checked by  tester before building.

The one by which mold is dirt actually or assessment of whether it's dirt.


remove the stains from the surface and make the mold easy to fall in high-pressure washing.


It fell, but dirt on the surface generates stubborn mold right now only with this.


Special detergent Spray

Removal mildewed is begun.


Confirmation of a reaction

A reaction mildewed in the interior as well as the surface is seen.


Operational end


Touch test

spray liquid in a touch test but a part for dirty confirmation of a building point, mildew and check a dirty omission way first.

 Material Safety Data Sheet


Even if it's poured on animals and plants as well as a human body by the same ingredient as food additive, the special detergent we use is the liquid which has no problems. I'm telling you the thing in a safe data seat (MSDS).


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