Mold and mildew take special cleaning technology

The difference of our commitment for
more hygienic invironment

①Elimination of pathogenic micro organisms instead of the usual cleaning.

②Not just cleaning visible to the eye, But responding to things invisible to the naked eye.

③Suggest to improve the environmental surroundings,
such as smell, humidity.

FRS method

Human being and fungus lives in a same condition with high temperature and humidity,
we choose to live in a comfortable condition and so does the fungus. We, without knowing
it we are compromising our health.
The FRS method of eliminating the roots of fungi is unlike of the usual cleaning of a house,
using the FRS method it prevents another outbreak of fungi for recurrence.
Cleanliness is not just what we see on a naked eye but eradicating the desease-causing
germs such as funguses,and we called it sanitation.(Based on scientific ground)

Characteristic of The FRS method

1. The FRS method is very safe;

Because it uses an ingredients same as for food additives.It is very safe to human body,and the animals and plants. It is an ECO- FRIENDLY method of cleaning.

2. Convinient and no damage;

It is not the same way using the usual bactericide and bleach and scouring it
with a brush. Using the usual cleaning agents to eradicate the fungi using the force
of liquid damages the original form but the FRS method does not damage the form
underlying materials.

3. Quality and Effectiveness;

It is not time consuming,it easily eradicates all the bacteria.

Construction object

Building, apartment, residential, hotel, inside the hospital, facilities,
food processing plants,processing facilities, spa, shops, public facilities,
bathroom, kitchen, toilet,fence, such as billboards, external General

Construction target material

Concrete, mortar, tile, the plaster, siding, building stones, wood, tatami mat,
Plastic cross, paintwork, gravestone

After a year inspection of progress

top4    Before construction           After              1 year later


No more fungus


When done with these method ,as you can see at the picture above,after a year it`s
clean,no mold recurrence. But, there is a case after a year the molds recurrs
for a various reasons;
1. Did`nt access the most farthest or deepest point of the area,
2.Always wet,it depends of the humidity of the area.
3. Where the mold spores are prone of floating .

In these case ,you will need another countermeasure.
Please free to consult us..


Mechanism of the mold

It originally coexisted with other microbes in the soil, and the mold was parasitic on plants.
Let a spore scatter in the air when grow up, and attach to a dust or steam,
and it travels the air; to every thing it attach and multiply.
Attachment and growth the spores out static friction of fungal hyphae also absorb
contaminants and expand clusters.The antigen body which is allergic disease by man's
drawing in a spore of this mold (true fungus) (allergen)The cause which is and causes
bronchial asthma, an atopic dermatitis, hay fever and rhinitis, and it will be mycosis.
By the way, when the bath tile joint has 4,000,000,000 spores in the true fungus which
becomes black per 1c ㎡.It's being talked about.

The upbringing condition of the mold

Temperature =0-50 ℃
A suitable temperature, 20 ℃-28 ℃ (There is also something which doesn't perish even 70 ℃.)
The humidity = slight acidity which is PH = 4-8 more than 70 ℃
Oxygen= is aerobic and when It lack oxygen, It perish.
By nutrition = organic matter matter, carbohydrates of sugar and fat kinds
By mineral matter, nitrogenous substance, sulfur and phosphorus, additionally,
metal and small amount upbringing gene

Types and characteristics of the main fungi infested buildings


One group of bacteria and mold, called fungi, including yeast and mushrooms, which absorbs the moisture
and nutrients from the filamentous hyphal tip grows.Actually , we notice the mold has grown on the surface
of the bread is made a mycelium growth this time.Make a spore from the more mature hyphae,
but various forms depending on the type of mold spores.Type of mold known 50000 species until now,
is useful in mold and toxic mold.

Cladosporium-Black mold Penicillium-Bluish green- Blue- leek-green


Aspergillus-Black Alternaria-Tin mold-Black, gray


Mold (true fungus) washing picture

During of our cleaner spray It will break apart perfectly about 30 minutes
later for about 10 minutes after detergent spray


Fungs Laboratoy


It cultures the fungs(mold)gathered with food stamp and levitation bacteria measuring machined

on the site. lts nature is studied deeply , and it's being always studied to feed development of true

fungs resolution detergent back to market.





Mold is evoling a therefore fungs Research Institute study on mold daily.


FRS method of construction example






primary objective

For clean environment from interior to of the house




MOLD-A<For mold>

Wet the surface with water,lmmediately spray coating or use brush. Rinse off after 30 minutes.

it is more effective and eassier to use a high pressure water spray.

For indoor wall,just wipe off with cloth without using water.






MOLD-F<For water stain,rust>

Part of rust spots,such as tiles and pottery.

Stroke with a brush,(don't use spray)After brushing,

if stain rust falls,immedeately wash off with water.

(about 5 to 10 minutes)





MOLD-DIRTBUSTER<For aluminum rain stain>

Spray coating in or brush.

Rinse off after 5 minutes.





MOLD-O<For Oil>


Spray coating in or brush.

Rinse off after 5 minutes .

Fan and tiles,wipe off with cloth.




MOLD-W<For wood>

For molds sunburned parts,

stroke with a brush,for stubborn parts no need to scour,just apply several times.


No need to wash off with water.
















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