What is sanitation ?

Sanitation technology is needed in the coming era.


With sanitation・・・・・・Correspondence to an invisible dirt

Eliminate pathogenic microorganisms to

Though you are beautiful visually, are you really beautiful?
Actually, is it mold whether it is bacteria what kind of situation it is?


A dirt as of now was what kind of thing, and washing was the greatest problem you added it after having undertaken construction, and how you were visible in the invisible dirt whether you became really beautiful.

We express the dirt with numerical value using Microbial detection system.

By Microbial detection system, you give a detection result on the spot (approximately ten seconds) and can understand it by having a visitor look at the dirt with numerical value directly. The state after the washing can understand the result with the numerical value of the detection result clearly, too.

Bacteria inspection.


Inspection of kitchen tiles

Special cleaning agents A construction before・・・・・・216,599

After A special cleaning agent

・・・・・・  252

Flow measurement tasks

 Before construction of a dirt Check kit to attach on the Microbial detection system, displays a number in 10 seconds. After rubbing in Check kit as part the work and show the numbers again

Microbial detection system using numerical standards

This shows a reference value only.

Around 10,000-50,000 numerical value appears when I measure palm of your hand at the normal. Therefore it is good because I fall to around 1,000 when I inspect it again after washing a hand neatly if you can understand it when it is the standard value to always wash hands, and to begin cooking.


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