Each classroom 60 minutes

🍀Baby class🍀

・Start off by listening

・English for the first time and tidying.

~~~Familiarize yourself with English!~~~

The name of its toy and picture book is remembered while playing together.

Dancing and singing to music in English・・・


Learn to clean while listening to music



🍀Kids class🍀

Kids class learn English through books and pictures.

Learn little by little everyday conversation.



🍀Junior class 🍀

Target beyond a schoolchild

Daily conversation becomes possible.

It's possible to write a diary.

It's possible to clean a house.


🍀Old people class🍀

Old man and an old woman can learn English with her grandson

A grandchild takes to an old man and an old woman more.


When a child is tired, it's all right to be sleeping.

The quick response.

(Until day before cancellation 17:00)

There is also the pleasant events such as Christmas


Please join us🎀




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